Greek Philanthropy Competition

Peach State Pride’s Greek Philanthropy Competition is an annual competition that takes place at college campuses in Georgia. Various fraternity and sorority chapters across the state are given exclusive 30% OFF discount codes to use at, and compete for the chance to have 15% of all profits from the competition awarded to a philanthropy of their choice.



Each chapter across the state will be given a 30% OFF coupon code to use at These codes are both fraternity/sorority specific as well as school specific. Please refer to the Google spreadsheet we have sent you for a list of codes for all Greek organizations at your school. All codes will activate on November 1st. 



On November 30, the competition will close and all codes will be analyzed in our system. The chapter that spends the most at using their assigned code will be awarded 15% of all competition profits to a philanthropy of their choice.



As a Campus Rep, you are the main form of communication between Peach State Pride and the chapters at your school. You will be required to communicate with philanthropy chairmen of organizations via email at your school, and you are strongly encouraged to speak at chapter meetings across your campus. We also encourage you to share information about the competition on your own social platforms. 


Standings Updates

Updates about the standings of the competition will be posted on this website, and may also be emailed out to reps of the top participating schools. Standings will be posted on a weekly basis throughout the month of November. You are encouraged to share these standings on social media outlets, email listservs, etc. in order to get the word out about the competition and encourage participation from chapters at your school.

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