• Agriculture & Commerce Short Sleeve Tee
  • Agriculture & Commerce Short Sleeve Tee

Peach State Pride

Agriculture & Commerce Short Sleeve Tee

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Bright Salmon

Agriculture is so much at the core of the Georgia's history that the reverse side of the double-sided official seal features Georgia's coast with a ship arriving to take aboard tobacco and cotton symbolizing Georgia's export trade.

“The fact that Georgia’s state seal is two-sided is not commonly known to the average citizen,” says Gary Black, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture. “The common side, or according to the Constitution, the reverse side, reads ‘Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.’ The front side refers to agriculture and commerce with a ship sailing to sea with exports, and an ox plowing a field. Since Georgia’s founding by Oglethorpe, agriculture has been the driving force behind our strong economy and will continue to be for years to come. Our state seal is a demonstration of the impact agriculture has on everyone’s daily life.”

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