About Us

Peach State Pride is a grass-roots movement to spark and symbolize Georgia Pride. As a clothing company and beyond, we thrive in promoting Georgia’s rich southern culture, communities, agriculture, natural class, and beauty.

The Simple Life

Started in 2009, Peach State Pride stems from a love of Georgia’s history, heritage, and people. Founder Derek Chitwood grew up working in his grandfather’s peach orchard every summer as a boy. Born and raised in Canon, Georgia, his upbringing cultivated his love of Southern culture. “Working as a young boy next to my grandpa, I learned so much about how passion, hard work, and respect for others can bring peace to your life. My Grandpa, Virlyn ‘VF’ Chitwood’s aura, presence, and leadership is so genuine and so effortless that I always look to him as a role model. He’s a gentleman farmer, who isn’t afraid of hard work but also has a great eye for style; he loves his family, respects his neighbors, and appreciates nature, agriculture, history, and all walks of life. Just a model human being, a great Georgian,” Chitwood says. 

After studying history at Georgia College in historic Milledgeville, Chitwood moved to Athens where he started Peach State Pride. Today he resides in historic downtown Greensboro with his wife Kari Beth, son, and twin daughters. Peach State Pride is headquartered in a repurposed turkey hatchery just outside of Athens, Georgia, and the line is currently available in over 100 stores across the Southeast. Kari and Derek also own Empire South, in Watkinsville, Athens, and Hartwell, GA.

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