Artist Spotlight: Alexandra Newton

Posted on 01 December 2017

Guest post by Alexandra Newton
Art and wildlife were a huge part of my upbringing on the Georgia coast - I was a creative earth spirit from the start. Teachers told my parents that I liked to "follow the beat of my own drum" --  running barefoot down the beach chasing seagulls and collecting bugs were a only a few of my little nature girl hobbies.

I am honored to have graduated from University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. The classes I took involved walking through the forest, catching fish, and identifying any number of tracks, feathers, skulls, etc. I felt like I had finally found my “people”.

Throughout college, I continued to feed my artistic side through photography and painting in my small moments of free time. With a background as a wildlife/fisheries biologist, I feel like I can fully appreciate all aspects of the natural world I’m inspired by.

While growing up on St. Simons Island in the beautiful Golden Isles, I spent most of my days fishing with my dad, combing the beaches, and playing in the marsh.

Naturally, I draw inspiration from these places and the wildlife that live there. Besides the outward beauty of all flora and fauna, I am equally impressed by the beauty of the ecosystem – by the role that each animal or plant fulfills without even knowing it.

Diving and fishing are among many outdoor pursuits that not only satisfy my need to connect with nature but also provide me new subjects to translate into art.  You will also find many of the places I've been fortunate to have traveled for work and adventure- Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, and the Caribbean-on my canvases. 


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